About Thailand

Hey there Parents - does your family enjoy visiting new places?
Are you going to Thailand anytime soon? Have you already been?

Explore Thailand has been created to familiarise kids with Thailand, including elements of it's culture, local wildlife and major tourist attractions. Hopefully it also encourages broader discussion about 'other places' and the differences between life in our normal bubble and what might occur elsewhere. 

This is our very first app, built as a prototype when we first envisioned the idea that is Toowoo. Living in Bangkok with our own little ones, it made sense to tap into the immediate world around us, the colourful, fun, lively and never ending energy of one of Asia's major cities. We've learnt from the prototype and updated the app, hopefully enriching the experience.

We're grateful to all our early 'users' for the feedback. Your support is sincere and has helped us improve, and for that alone, this app which was originally free - will always be free. We hope it finds a broader audience along the way.

So if you're reading this - Thankyou and please enjoy.

Team Toowoo


- Interact with cute animals (including monkeys, dogs, cats and elephants!)

- Lots of fun and vibrant animations

- Clean, colourful and child-friendly interface

- 8 different scenes to bring to life

- Ideal for children aged 2 and above


Education Benefits

- Importance of learning through exploration and play

- Encourage discussion about different cultures 

- Develops logical thinking skills and fine motor skills

- Safe and intuitive play, with no in-app purchases or third-party advertising


- Tapping some characters and elements changes them

- The neon sign in Thai says 'Sanuk' - which mean fun!

- We feature a few of Bangkok's main landmarks. Including the 'Giant Swing', 'Sleeping Buddha', 'Grand Palace' & the 'Mahanakhon' tower (along with other notable city skyscrapers)

Open Play

We’ve developed this game with no rules or limits.
Kids are free to explore, play and do whatever they wish in a never ending scene



We’re Parents ourselves and understand how important it is to fully respect your privacy and your kids privacy. We're proudly Coppa compliant. You can read our Privacy Policy by selecting the link at the top of the page.

Reach out to us

If you have questions, or experience any problems - please contact us here on email hello@toowoo.co