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Explore Thailand


Does your family enjoy visiting new places?
Why not take a Free trip to fascinating Thailand - The Land of Smiles!

Build your very own authentic Tuk Tuk and away we go on a wonderful travel adventure exploring Thailand - The Land of Smiles!


Explore Thailand is a cute and fun learning app that develop's logical thinking and improves fine motor skills. It  familiarises kids with Thailand (especially great if you're going on holiday or already visited) and encourages discussion of other cultures.

Kids Drag and Drop puzzle pieces and build their very own Tuk Tuk,  then ride it through the streets of Bangkok, exploring and interacting with loveable characters and local wildlife - including monkeys and elephants.


They'll play with Thai street food and exploding pineapples, whilst discovering major tourist attractions and elements of the Thai culture. They'll also be able to recreate a hectic, noisy Bangkok traffic experience - complete with taxis, buses, motorbikes and ambulances. 


- Lots of fun and vibrant animations
- Entertaining and engaging sound effects
- Clean, colourful and child-friendly interface
- 8 different scenes to bring to life

- Totally Free (with no in-app purchases or unlocked content)



Benefits to your child:

- Importance of learning through exploration and play
- Valuing Differences. Breaking down gender stereotypes, inclusion of diverse nationalities
- Awareness of other cultures

Explore Thailand