About Explore Paris

Hello Parents! Can you remember what it's like to explore, play and have fun? To see the world with so much wonder, amazement and curiosity. We're on a mission to keep this magic alive! 


Explore Paris is a colourful, fun and deliberately silly app we’ve created to encourage exploration and discovery in kids. To remind them (and you) of the value of being curious.


It’s also educational - as Kids are introduced to another culture and learn the basics of the French language.


Paris - one of the world’s most magical cities, right at your child’s fingertips.
We sincerely hope you and your kids enjoy exploring!

Team Toowoo

App Tips

- Tap words to hear the French pronunciation,
- Tap again to hear the English alternative

- There are hidden Easter eggs throughout the app
- Try tapping on the baby a few times :)

- Four of Paris’ main landmarks are in the app. Tap to learn their names


- More than 60 characters to play with. Any you know?

- Over 150 interactions

- Many hidden characters and objects

- Lots of funny animations and silly surprises

- Ideal for children aged 3 and upward


Education Benefits

- Learn French numbers, language and culture in a simple and fun way

- Valuing Differences
- Breaking down gender stereotypes, inclusion of diverse nationalities. 

- Importance of learning through exploration and play

Open Play

We’ve developed this game with no rules or limits.
Kids are free to explore, play and do whatever they wish in a never ending scene



We’re Parents ourselves and understand how important it is to fully respect your privacy and your kids privacy. We're proudly Coppa compliant. Please link to our Privacy Policy at the top of this screen if you have any concerns.

Reach out to us

If you have questions, or experience any problems - please contact us on email at hello@toowoo.co