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Laugh, Discover, Learn - Let’s Explore Paris!


Travel with us, as a cast of more than 60 fun and diverse characters help you explore this wonderful city. Fascinating at every turn, with its famous landmarks, friendly neighbourhoods and vibrant charm, Explore Paris encourages exploration and discovery whilst introducing your little ones to another language and culture.


Stroll along ‘Avenue Des Toowoo’ and interact with the many characters and objects. Watch a koala ride a scooter or a grandmother hip hop dance. Find the hidden Dinosaur, the friendly Yeti or an Orangutan wearing a Fez. Fly a remote controlled drone, start a thunderstorm or turn a mild mannered boy into a superhero.


Ad Free, this easy to use, colourful and fun world is designed to encourage kids to appreciate french culture, diversity, exploration & discovery




- More than 60 characters to play with. Any you know?

- Over 150 interactions

- Many hidden characters and objects

- Lots of funny animations and silly surprises

- Ideal for children aged 3 and upward

- No goals or objectives, just free and open play in a never ending scene

- Can play with no Internet or wifi connection



Benefits to your child:

- Learn French numbers, language and culture in a simple and fun way

- Valuing Differences. Breaking down gender stereotypes, inclusion of diverse nationalities. 

- Importance of learning through exploration and play

- Safe and intuitive play, with no in-app purchases or third-party advertising


Explore Paris