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Supporting Diversity

More than ever, as the world opens up and traditional social boundaries fade, kids deserve media that reflects what is real and authentic in their world.


As a creator of kids content, Toowoo contributes to a healthy media diet by celebrating differences - in race, ethnicity, culture, age, abilities and gender.

By including diversity in products for younger hearts and minds, we can help influence perceptions, and deepen understanding of others.


We believe this has the ability to create a lasting impact, to change unconscious bias, and to foster social connection in kids, their families and the broader community.

We do all this by...

  • Using characters that reflect the world we live in, including multiracial characters

  • Breaking gender stereotypes, deliberately portraying characters in atypical roles

  • Equal representation of male and female characters throughout our work

  • Portraying multiracial families (helping to show coexistence)

  • Including characters with special needs and learning differences

  • Encouraging kids to notice differences, without judgment or discrimination

  • Recognising that our audience comes from many different backgrounds

Helping to create meaningful, inclusive and diverse media for your family